Monday, September 25

Strolling Me Crazy

I love my Aria Twin MT stroller. Except for the fact that a big piece of it fell off the third time I ever used it. I didn't bump anything. We were completely unaware of its disappearance until it came time to fold the stroller up and put it in the car.

Jared figured out that if you jam a key into the side to slide it up it can be folded-- but that works only for people without arthritis. In the meantime I'm glad I have a station wagon because it can fit without folding, barely. One of the hoods got mangled doing that though.

I called Peg PĂ©rego and asked for a replacement part. Since it's a brand new stroller, no prob. I even got her to throw in a new hood since ours got ruined as a result or the original problem.

The hood arrived. The other part was backordered but was supposed to ship 2 weeks ago. I called today to find out where it is. Apparently parts came in, shipped out to everyone on the list in front of me, and went back on backorder. How many of these things are falling off?!?! (I asked, actually, and was told that they do often fall off when subjected to baggage handlers when traveling.)

This lady was helpful enough to suggest using a pen. Who am I, MacGyver? I told her that works only about half the time for my husband, and I'm arthritic and can't do it at all. I jammed my wrist attempting it again today.

As far as I'm concerned the company is holding my $300 hostage because their brand new product fell apart and is not terribly usable in the meantime. (When my mom was in town and we went to the mall in her rented minivan, I had to leave the stroller at the Cheesecake Factory for Jared to retrieve on his way home from work-- it wouldn't fold, even with my mom, sister, and me all working at it for 20 minutes, using a key.)


P.S. I bought it online from an authorized retailer, so I can't exchange it.


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