Thursday, May 18

4:56 p.m. update!

This afternoon, the supervisor from Caremark did call me back. And wonder of wonders, she was NICE and SYMPATHETIC and APOLOGETIC and ATE the cost of the RhoGAM (credited back to my Visa) so I don't have to bother filing for reimbursement with my medical coverage. Gave me her extension if I needed anything.

I called later, when FedEx still hadn't showed by their 3 p.m. deadline. She called the FedEx manager in charge of "my" delivery truck, expressed the "medical necessity" thing, attempted to get it delivered by 4:30 p.m. (enough time for me to get to the ob's before close of business.)

At 4:52 p.m., Mr. FedEx arrived at my ob's office just as they were getting ready to close up; not enough time for me to make it today. At least they have it safe and sound now.

The receptionist did page my ob earlier today, ob said I could have the shot as late as tomorrow. So stay tuned for the conclusion of the RhoGAM Wars Trilogy.

All this for a shot in the @$$. That's the real indignity.