Thursday, May 18

RhoGAMboling: Give it Another Shot


*Meg goes on stuffed animal-killing rampage*

Okay. I am now completely and utterly calm and reasonable. *pops head off stuffed puppy*

It is now 12:45 p.m. and the RhoGAM has yet to arrive via FedEx at my ob's office.

So I called Caremark, the prescription coverage, from whence my RhoGAM was ordered. I learned that the FedEx flight was delayed 3 hours, and delivery is guaranteed by 3 p.m. today. I asked why it was not shipped until yesterday, when it was supposed to ship the day before. Turns out the person I spoke with mailed it Standard Overnight instead of Priority Overnight. She also failed to confirm delivery with my physician, as she failed to account for the different time zones, and called after the close of business.

Then I called Principal, my medical coverage, and asked again about their coverage of RhoGAM. The representative (unlike all the others) knew what RhoGAM is and when it is given. She assured me OF COURSE IT'S COVERED!!! and is listed under their codes as an injectable drug. She has no idea why the Caremark lady assured me that she has "worked alongside Principal for years and I KNOW FOR SURE they do not cover it." I will "definitely" be reimbursed once I submit the necessary information to Principal.

So, here's what happened:

*Meg does legwork, and finds out RhoGAM is covered under medical, not prescription. Calls dr.'s office and tells receptionist this.

*Receptionist messes up, calls prescription instead of medical. Prescription lady takes it upon herself to say, "I do not work for Principal, the medical coverage, but I KNOW they do not cover this drug. Neither do we." Calls me, tells me so, charges me for the drug OOP, and screws up the shipping to boot.

*FedEx delivery schedule goes awry.

I mostly blame Prescription/Caremark Lady. Fortunately I have her name, her extension, and a call in to her supervisor >:-p


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