Friday, May 19

RhoGAM: Bullseye

I am the official owner of a burning butt. Shot successfully administered.

In a fit of irony, it began to rain literally the minute I turned the car off in the parking lot. Rained on me (and Kid) up to the office, and on the way back to the car. It stopped about 3 minutes after we got back in the car.

There really is a little black raincloud hanging over me . . .


At 5:22 PM, Anonymous qwerty said...

well done, pee on a stick blogger!

I'm glad you got your shot

I've been enjoying your website as I too am a magnet for poor service, especially terrible medical care.

forge ahead!

At 1:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hah, that isn't as bad as my crappy morning. I took toddler (21 months) into the city and I am *really* pregnant as in due in two weeks. I arrive at OB's to be told they can't see me because OB threw her back out. Well why could they not have called me before I drove into the city, found parking and dragged toddler through a downpour of rain?

So I said, fine I am going. Well no they don't want me to go they want to see me (because as I mentioned I am due in a couple of weeks). So I wait for one hour with toddler in the stark waiting room with no toys. They put me into a smaller room, with blood on the floor. Toddler insists on crawling around and trying to get into the gross medical waste garbage. Finally 30 minutes later, a NURSE shows up. The nurse doesn't check me asks me a few simple things and sends me on my way.

Ummmm, okay. I might as well have gone home. How do you not do an internal check on an almost due pregnant women, no blood work, nothing.......

I might as well have stayed home. Total trip lasted all morning, for nothing. My next appointment is in 2 weeks and I will probably have the baby around then, my last appointment was 2 weeks ago. How do you provide so little care for an about to pop pregnant person?

Oh, and did I mention one of the things I told the nurse was I am having contractions constantly?

Oh, you have no idea who I am I lurked on in from Amy, but had to post this.

At 5:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you, Meg! My sister sent me your addy and said we were kindred spirits. My daughter broke her arm when she was 9 and my insurance did not want to pay because they could not verify that she was a student. I went back through all my "Sunshine up the @$$" letters and found the company president's name and sent him a detailed 'please help me letter'. There were many more phone calls and letters to the insurance co. and hospital in this episode. Another battle was over an injectable drug at $1400 a month. I was told my ins. would pay so I got a name and ext. # and went to my pharmacy. Guess what? Wouldn't pay. I got the phone from the pharmacist and called Ms. Thang. I heard the pharm. say,"If she wins this argument, we will hire her." I won but I was forever more PO'd. Also, I am a secret shopper and have had the pleasure of officially bashing McDonald's. I have worked in the public and never dreamed of treating anyone the way I have been treated. Stay strong, my sister in arms! Sometimes, people just force us to get ugly! Eva

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