Saturday, November 25

JCPenney: Customer Disservice

I had a blouse to return; tags intact, receipt accounted for. I had the kids in the double stroller (the part finally arrived, thankyouverymuch!) We were on the upper level of the mall. I entered the housewares section of JCP and approached the customer service kiosk. Two women employees were gabbing to themselves, and a much younger, disinterested looking male employee stood with his arms crossed, staring off into space.

"Hi," I said to the man. He looked at me expectantly. "Can I return something here if I bought it downstairs?"

He replied, "You bought it downstairs? You might have to take it back there."

I said, "I do?"

He said, "Yeah, you might have to."

I replied, "I might, or I do?" If I didn't have to find an elevator and navigate through the crowded mall, I didn't want to!

"I'll ask," he said, turning to the women, who were studiously ignoring us. Naturally he didn't want to interrupt them, so he stood there, waiting. I did, too, because I found their conversation so deliciously ironic . . .

They were comparing Inconsiderate Customer stories; namely, how much they hated it when customers were on their cell phones while they (the employees) were trying to ring up a purchase. "I told him, if you don't want to make your transaction now, then go to the end of the line!" said one to the other.

Never mind the employees who are chatting while a customer is waiting to complete a transaction . . .

(Yes, I was able to return the blouse right there.)


At 10:40 AM, Blogger MrsTito said...

I think JCP just revised their return policy because I was told this weekend that I can no longer return items at the main customer service desk, I have to go to an actual register. Huh?

At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want a good book on how to combat bad customer service, check out Service this: Winning the war against Customer Disservice. I got mine at These two guys are regular customers who figured out how to fight is a quick read and funny. Oh,and JC Penny has gone down hill rapidly over the past few years...very sad!

At 7:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

JC Penney is the 3 most admired retailer in america. I have been in retail for 18 years. You can find this type of service anywhere, including where you work! I will tell you that as far as big box retailers go....JCP has the best overall customer service. Hey at least you found an employee...this is more than Target and Walmart!

At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My college daughter made the biggest purchase of her life at Penneys, a mattress for $600 on 1/2/09 she was told it would be 4 to 6 wks for delivery. She got a call last week to schedule delivery, they gave her a day and time. She called back today to say she had moved and wanted to change the deliver address to a new apt. and was told that it would be another 4 to 6 weeks because it was backordered and it was the vendors fault not theirs. Then she called the store to find out what was going on and was rudely told by CHAD IN FURNITURE that she had never really ordered the mattress, just paid for it and that they don't make it until you give them a delivery address!!!
W.T.F.!!!! Sad to think this is an American Company acting like this and in this economy they should be glad anyone is buying from them!! Chad is a CRAPPY SALESPERSON AND ACTUALLY A CRAPPY PERSON!!!THIS WAS AT THE WASHINGTON SQUARE, PORTLAND OREGON STORE...PASS IT ON!

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