Saturday, November 25

McDonald's: Doing Without

"I'd like a quarter pounder with NO cheese and NO bun, please."

Jared was giggling as we pulled up to the window. "This can't end well," he said.

I peeked inside the box. Yup . . . there was cheese.

Sent it back. This time they got it right, but here's what it looked like:

Sauce pretty much everywhere except on the meat . . . ah well.


At 9:12 PM, Blogger Annie said...

My local McD's has trouble with 'Sausage McMuffin'. Considering it's a menu item, and they have a key for it on their 'register', you'd think this one wouldn't be hard.

Order 'Sausage McMuffin', and you get 'Sausauge McMuffin with Egg' (bread, meat, cheese, egg). Order Suasage McMuffin - No Egg, and you get ....bread and meat.

Why is it so hard to get bread, meat, and cheese, which is by definition the Sausage McMuffin?


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