Wednesday, February 23

Wendy's: Coup de Grace

Wow. This one was so good, it's bordering on unbelievable. Fortunately Jared was with me to corroborate.

It has been awhile since we drove thru junk food in an effort to trim our budget. This was our treat.

Some treat! First of all, the speaker was so loud it was painful (I actually covered my ears) and it was so garbled I could hardly communicate with the guy. (Then again, since when has a Wendy's order-taker actually "communicated" with me?)

Order: mandarin chicken salad, #2 combo no mayo no bun with Diet Coke. When we pulled up to the window, the guy asked, "Did you want the Asian dressing with the salad?" "Ummm, it comes with it," I replied. (To Jared: "No, we want RANCH with our Chinese chicken salad.")

What we got: well, I handed Jared the bag containing his salad, and peeked inside my bag. First thing I noticed: I had no fork. I asked for one. While the window dude disappeared to fetch a fork, Jared commented, "I didn't get any noodles or almonds." So when he returned with my fork, I asked for the noodles and almonds. He disappeared again.

While he was gone AGAIN, I inspected my burger more closely . . . only to discover a mysterious white glop gunking things up. ACK!

Window opens, two packets were handed to me. I handed them to Jared and informed the guy, "ALSO, I ordered this no mayo," and extend the burger toward him. He snatched it, gave me a dirty look, and said, "I don't MAKE the food."

I blinked. "That's fine," I told him, "send the cook over and I'll tell him how I want it." He disappeared again with a scowl. (At this point I was starting to worry about them spitting in my food.)

While we were waiting, Jared exclaimed, "NO WAY." I looked at him. "These are PECANS," he said. Oh right. Pecans for the mandarin chicken salad. Hoo boy.

Then a different, female, face appeared in the window. I guess the dude got sick of us. She handed me my now mayoless burger, and I handed HER the pecans and said, "I'm sorry, these are supposed to be almonds for the salad." She grabbed the right nuts, handed them to me, and we finally drove out of the drive-thru, feeling shell-shocked.

Then Jared said, in disbelief . . . "I didn't get a fork."

I parked and let him go inside for one.

I think we MUST stop patronizing this Wendy's.


At 12:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you call the franchise or corporate office and complain? Most places actually do something about it and speak to the store manager and employees. I work in an office for a fast food restaurant and handle the complaints, and the owner calls every single person back.

At 11:06 PM, OpenID blueangel232234 said...

lamo No jared.. I want RANCH for my madarin chicken salad.. haha classic!


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