Thursday, January 27

Return of AT&T

I don't believe it. Oh, well, yes I do. It's me, after all!

Today two AT&T bills came in the mail. Remember, I canceled our accounts and our last day of service was December 20. I opened my bill with trepidation. Billing cycle Dec. 21-Jan. 20 . . . $0.00. I let out a big sigh and giggled. Let them waste their pennies sending $0 bills to former customers.

Then I opened Jared's. Amount due, $39.85.

*Darling* Gabrielle the Supervisor apparently canceled *only* my account, despite my VERY clear desire to cancel both. Totally incompetent or vindictive? Does it matter?

The first person I spoke to tonight, Ekara, listened to me explain rather abruptly that this bill was in error. She pulled up my account and said, "There are no notes here indicating this account was canceled." Wrong answer. I informed her that her that this was merely another example of her company's sheer incompetence and repeated poor service. I invited her to review the bill and observe that the phone was not so much as powered "on," let alone used at any point during the billing cycle.

"I have to transfer you," she finally said.

"Of course you do," I retorted.

Finally I got Cecelia (ID # 729) in Customer Care. I explained the situation, more irate than before. She put me on hold while she "reviewed the situation and made a final decision." Fortunately for all involved she canceled the account (this time, one hopes, for real) and reversed the charges.

HOWEVER . . . because the new billing cycle started January 21, and today is the 27th, I will receive ANOTHER bill for the charges of Jan 21-27. There is nothing she can do about that now; she can make a note on my account and I have to call AGAIN when the next bill comes.

You should see the doodles I made on this bill while I was on hold. Among the nicer things are the little entry I made into the "Amount Paid" column of the "detach and return with your bill" box . . . it says "C-4."


At 2:51 AM, Anonymous Laina said...

I've been dealing with telus (canadas phone company) lately. I've found the only thing that works is asking to speak with their supervisor. They have to let you. I only found that out when a friend told me....who used to be tech support for msn!


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