Tuesday, February 1

Insurance Debacle

I need proof of past insurance before Aetna will pay out for $830 worth of pulmonology tests from when I was pregnant. Of course, to complicate things, we switched our insurance from Company 1 to Company 2 and back to Company 1 because Hubby Dearest was alternating coverage under school and work. I contacted Company 1 to get the proof of coverage from the two different time periods.

They e-mailed me back today:


Our records show that there has never been dependent insurance purchased. The only insurance charges on the fee bill were for student insurance only. Do you want a letter indicating the student coverage and dates?

My response (in part):

No. The relevant information is the dependent coverage. And it WAS purchased. I received medical attention during those time periods, and insurance was billed, and consequently disbursed funds. I had an insurance card with my name on it (as the dependent.)

[Internal Monologue: Like hell.]

At this point, we have paid the $830 out of pocket (because Aetna kept denying the claim until they get this proof of past coverage, and the pulmonologist sent us to collections) and am trying to get this information so Aetna will reimburse us. And now my proof of insurance has gone incommunicado.

We're way beyond MIA ketchup.


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