Sunday, January 16

Burger King & Wendy's

I just wanted fries. Mmmmm. BK has the best. So I hit the Burger King drive-thru today. 25 minutes later, I pulled out without having reached the service window or received my food. So did 3 cars behind me. Apparently nobody thought to have the car in front of me pull over while they finished her order. I saw them hand her drinks . . . and five minutes passed. Then they handed her food . . . and apparently something was wrong with the food, because she was trying in vain to get the attention of somebody (anybody) inside the restaurant to come back to the window by honking her horn for another five full minutes. (They just ABANDONED the window.) Then they took back one of her bags, and more time went by . . .

Screw that. Thank goodness their drive-thru is "open" without a curb or anything keeping the cars trapped. On to Wendy's, a few blocks away.

"Welcome to Wendy's, would you like to try a combo?"

"No, but I would like a burger with no bun and no mayo, and a large fry."

"You want a drink with that?"

[Internal monologue: "Why yes, yes I would like a drink to go with my burger and fries, but no, no combo."]

They got the burger right this time, but I did have to beg for a fork, and I didn't get any napkins.


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