Thursday, February 3

Insurance Uh-Oh

Yesterday there was a message on the machine from a woman from our old insurance department at the university. She reaffirmed that they have no record of dependent coverage. I feel despair coming on.

How exactly does one prove this? Assuming the company is missing records, as is the case here-- we paid the student + dependent coverage rate. I had an insurance card with the university name, the insurance carrier, my name, and my SSN. This was over a year ago, though-- I'm betting we don't have any canceled checks or leftover insurance cards to prove any of this. I swear, in this day and age of CYA, one needs a giant vault for all this old crap.

I am grumpy.

In other news, recently we actually opened some junk mail offering a credit card with a low introductory APR. We decided to transfer our current credit card debt to this new card and enjoy 15 months interest-free. They could not tell me over the phone what my credit limit would be, however. Yesterday I got a letter indicating that the new credit card limit would be less than half of the current card. Screw that! I'm not going to keep two cards; we had intended to cancel the first. Now I have to cancel this second card and hope they didn't already begin the balance transfer. (Ha ha-- get it? HOPE they haven't already started something that would make life more difficult for me? Hehehe. Listen to me, all cute and delusional . . .)


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