Wednesday, February 23

Maryland's Mythical Department of Health

We are sick of our mold. Our landlord has been kept abreast of the situation for months. Once they sent a maintenance guy out with some spray paint to touch up the windowsills. Great-- but that doesn't help the ceiling or the walls. It's disgusting, and it's probably a health hazard. When I confronted the landlord in person, he said, "If I send somebody out to take care of it, are they just going to come back and tell me you're a bad housekeeper?" I'm not talking about a moldy shower curtain, buddy.

Anyway, we decided to step things up and phone the department of health to report them.

However, I am not actually sure the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene actually exists. When I dialed them today, I pressed the correct option in the phone tree, then listened to the phone ring exactly 6 times before a recording informed me that everyone was busy, please try my call again later-- followed by a click, and silence.

Oh, right, like I have the time to call them a hundred times a day to attempt to get through? I called ten times today with no luck. Sure, the one time I want to be put on hold . . .


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