Friday, January 14

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--Some of you may recall my AT&T/Cingular saga. I have decided it is too good to waste away in the archives of the message board where it was originally posted. Join me for my trip down Memory Lane. Bring an umbrella. With me, it never rains but pours.--

Ha ha ha. I can't even think of a witty way to preface this!

So of course nobody ever called me back yesterday. I don't know why I thought they would. Ha ha ha! Holiday optimism?

Oh well. I decided to live with the stupid charge on the debit instead of credit since it was past the time they overnighted it anyway. That's part of the deal, you see-- free overnight FedEx.

Well, FedEx hasn't shown up today. And when I check the status of my order online, it says my order is "being processsed" and "will ship on or before Saturday." PARDON ME? Furthermore, it says that there will be a "$36 activation fee" when the website CLEARLY says it's only $19.99 to activate.

So 40 minutes ago I pick up the phone and call Cingular. I immediately ask to speak to a manager, telling her that so far, seven people and the Internet have failed me, so rather than be frustrated with her, I can take out my anger on somebody in a position to rectify the situation.

Still no manager. But I have been transferred twice and disconnected once (fortunately for my sanity, she had pulled up my phone account info and called back on my cell phone, rather than make ME call THEM yet AGAIN.) I am on hold now. I have given my web order number three times. When she finally said, "Okay Mrs. Clarke, I have Adrian on the line to discuss your order," Adrian did not answer. HE got disconnected. On hold again.

Now he just picked up and said, "Yes, your order is currently being processed. You can actually check this online, you know." I explained I know, it should be SHIPPED already, and told him a bit of my difficulties-- how the phone order didn't work, either. At which point he informs me . . . actually that order DID go through, he can see it on my account! So when I called back the first time and they told me the lady "didn't do it correctly," they didn't know what they were talking about. Now I have two Ogos being processed and not shipping per the promo.

I just asked to speak to a supervisor. Closing in on 60 minutes for this particular phone call, not counting yesterday's 30+ minutes and the hour+ from the day before.

Shoot me.


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