Friday, January 14

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--Some of you may recall my AT&T/Cingular saga. I have decided it is too good to waste away in the archives of the message board where it was originally posted. Join me for my trip down Memory Lane. Bring an umbrella. With me, it never rains but pours.--

I had to call back today to cancel the order I put on my debit card and place a new on on the CC per Jared's wish. After 15 minutes, the THIRD person I got transferred to informed me that the system was down and told me to call back in an hour! I stopped being the polite long-suffering customer and told him I knew it wasn't his fault personally but this was ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS and demanded to talk to a supervisor.

I never did get the supervisor, but he took my name and number and said THEY would call back ASAP rather than have me call to check back/wait on hold. However, it's now 2:30 (closer to two hours, 2.5 hours now) and because Ogo has next-day shipping, I'm sure it'll be too late by the time they call back. Whatever.


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