Sunday, October 14


They outdid themselves.

On Thursday, the baby had a kidney scan. As soon as it was over, I strapped her in the stroller and headed from Radiology to Medical Records (getting lost in the bowels of the hospital approximately thirty-seven times, but I digress.)

The nice lady handed me a HIPAA release form. I filled it out, checked it, double-checked it. Then I handed her the form and asked her to triple-check it for me, to avoid any delays like the last time. She did, confirmed it was filled out completely and properly, and signed her own name to the "Witness" line.

On Saturday, an ominous-looking envelope arrived in the mail from the hospital. Inside was a letter explaining that my request for records could not be processed because NO DATES OF SERVICE REQUESTED.

They returned my original release form. I immediately found the spot on the form for "Dates of Service." And you know what? 10/11/07 is written in that spot plain as day.

Frakking morons.