Friday, March 16

CVS: It Just Sucks

Forgive my lack of creative title. It's much too hard to come up with a new one each time CVS disservices me.

The first new CVS tale happened a month or so ago; I accidentally knocked over my daughter's medication bottle and lost all but a few doses. I went to the drugstore and explained what happened, hoping they would pity me and give me half a bottle for free. (For goodness sake, it's generic Bactrim-- it's hardly liquid gold.) The pharmacist said no.

Fine. Here's my $10, give me the meds.

Nope-- first I had to wait 45 minutes. And when I returned to the pickup counter, I was informed they were out of the regular flavor.

Whatever-- she can take grape. She needs her meds.

Okay, we'll give you grape. Wait right over there and we'll dispense some.

Tap tap tap. 10 minutes later: here's your grape. Except we're almost out, so here's your dose for tonight. Come back tomorrow. Not like they could've mentioned that an hour ago so I could patronize the CVS up the road.

Then, today, I dropped off a new prescription and came back 45 minutes later in the drive-thru. The prescription bottle had a warning "NOT TO TAKE IF BREASTFEEDING" (which I am) so I asked the pharmacist about it (since the doctor should have known better.) She wasn't familiar with the side effects, so she asked me to wait while she looked it up. While I waited there, a pharmacy tech came to the window and asked if I needed help.

Nope, I'm being helped, I told him.

Do you need to pick something up?

No, waiting for the pharmacist to look something up for me.

Oh. You need to pull around then.


Because there might be people behind you.

There aren't.

Oh. Okay.

(Did I mention this was a drive-thru window? Had he turned his head 90° to the right, he would have seen Lack of Cars Behind Me.)

So, apparently my drive-thru experiences are the same wherever I go. The scary thing is, they need a college degree to work the one at CVS . . .


At 11:47 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

If you call 1800shopcvs and file a complaint, the store will get reprimanded. CVS is big on customer service.

At 1:12 PM, Anonymous Other Meg said...

Why I send da hubby to CVS. Rocket scientists don't run ours, but they know him on sight--both in person, and what his car looks like. (Then again, we spend something that resembles the National Annual Income for some nations there every week, so well they should. If he doesn't go for a couple days, they ask him what happened to him.)

If you reach for the bag "just so", you can inflict some serious paper cuts as you accept it...

At 10:19 AM, Blogger christel said...

i have had good experiences with CVS lately... only because the boys at 2 different CVSes thought i looked about 18. (i'm 31)

but AT&T... thats a whole new story.

At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi I stumbled across your website :)

After reading that, I must say that is very frustrating. I, myself, work at CVS, and think you should call the store in, and make a complaint - just like the other person said.

:-/ They really need to straighten that out! That is very poor customer service (and a lack of knowledge on their part!) Sorry you had to deal with all that.

-Lola, houston, tx

At 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work ayt a cvs in so. cal. since i started there a year ago, they have cut the total store hours in half. that includes the pharmacy. i fully understand why customers get so pissed off. they just keep giving us more to do in less time. im 45, and it is by far the worst company i have EVER worked for.

At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work for CVS in Austin TX, theyto have cut hours, techs, and oay, its a nightmare. I encourage everybody to make a phone call, maybe help them understand how bad it really is. It's a shame though that the staff is being un-professional.

At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well first of all you are a typical self-entilted cunt. The Pharmacist didn't have to give you anything, it's not their fault your dumb ass spilled your kids medicine. He shouldn't have given you anything without a new prescription. But they were trying to help you out so of course your proper response it be a crude bitch. And holy shit! You mean the persons whose job is to attend to customers actually asked if you needed help? You're right he was so in the wrong! And god forbid your fat ass actually walks in the store.

At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The website doesn't work at all. Wasted time selecting items and putting in information and then it didn't move to process the order. Just gave up and ordered from a different site. Won't ever go into the stores. Always have long lines. Now, will never go on the website again.


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