Monday, July 4

Wendy's Lives!

I don't eat there anymore, but yesterday on the way to an event Jared asked if I could stop and get him some fast food. I asked him where, and he said "Surprise me."

"Are you sure?" I teased. "My blog needs new material!"

"You pick," he assured me.

So, being the blog-seeking sadist that I am, picked Wendy's! (Everybody wave to Ineptitude Incarnate!)

I pulled up to the speaker at 3:09. By 3:11 I was saying "Hello? Helloooo?" to the speaker. By 3:13 I asked Jared if I should just pull up to the window. But at 3:14 I was finally greeted with, "Welcome to Wendy's would you like to try a combo?"

"Hi," I said, "I'd like a mediterranean chicken salad and a medium Diet Coke."

"What kind of dressing do you want with that?" she asked.

"Uh, it comes with a vinaigrette?"

"I know what it comes with," she snapped, "I wanted to know if you wanted a substitute." Gee, how nice of her. Funny, my special orders in the past have never been so accommodated!

"No thanks," I told her, "just what it comes with."

"Want a drink?"

Oy. "Yes, a Diet Coke."

"Okay, $5.something at the window."

The drive thru has 2 windows; the first one is usually open, but was apparently closed. I paused to make sure nobody was there. As I did, I saw the second window . . . where a hand clutched a bag containing Jared's salad, DANGLING IT OUT THE WINDOW. Not quick enough for her, apparently!

I pulled up, took the salad, handed her my money. Then she handed me . . . a tiny drink. Kid-sized.

"This isn't medium," I told her.

"You didn't ask for medium," she snapped.

"Yes I did," I said, politely but firmly.

"No, you just said 'Diet Coke.'"

"Actually," I corrected her, "I ordered a salad and a medium Diet Coke, and you didn't understand me, and asked IF I wanted a drink, so I REPEATED myself."

Wordlessly, she yanked the drink back inside and a moment later returned with . . . a super jumbo soda. I took it. "Thank you," I said with raised eyebrows. She ignored me and closed the window.

Have a nice day, indeed.