Thursday, September 27

Giving CVS The Boot. And Finger.

Yesterday I (don't laugh) tried dropping off another new prescription at the new CVS. I used the drive-thru and had to use one of those vacuum tube things. I put the prescription into the canister and placed it into the slot; there are buttons so I could press Send when ready. Except the pharmacy tech decided to be Speedy Gonzalez, and turned it on for me . . . before my fingers were clear. The tube smashed my finger as it began its ascent.

It was still throbbing when the pharmacy tech informed me (ready?) that the medication was not in stock, but they could order it.

My temples began to throb, too. "You know," I said fruitlessly, "this is literally the fifth prescription I've dropped off here, and the medication has never been in stock."

You know what she said?

Yup. "We're a new pharmacy."

I went to a different chain and had all the prescriptions transferred over. So long, CVS!

(They tried to screw me on the way out. New Chain called to let me know CVS transferred two prescriptions, but had no record of the other two. I had prescription numbers for those, so with a little legwork, New Chain got it done. Hurrah!)


At 1:18 PM, Anonymous littlesouthernmama said...

I am so there on the junky pharmacy. After trying to get a scrip filled at the big box store...for a solid MONTH. With repeated nasty calls to dr.s office for not calling it in...I went to box store to pick up a different scrip (I had not learned my lesson yet, but they are the cheapest and we did not have insurance at the time!) They offered me the original prescription. I was flabbergasted, I mean a MONTH with constant directions to call my dr????? Get real, I don't care if they have $4 prescriptions, I switched to Brookshire's.

At 9:42 AM, Blogger Saul and Ashley said...

Hi Meg... I'm so glad to find your blog. I tried to email you pictures for your help and advice off of and cannot find your email address. Would you mind sending it to me? My email is my blog is Thank you so much!


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