Thursday, January 13

A Regular Offender: Wendy's

I probably eat at Wendy's far too often. That notwithstanding, tonight we drove through for our dinner. (Desperately in need of a supermarket trip. I digress.)

I ordered my usual: burger combo, no bun and no mayo. I peeked into the bag to make sure things looked correct (fast peek, I saw mine was in the little pastic bowl rather than a wrapper, which is half the battle) and asked for a fork as well. She looked confused. I said, "A fork? To eat the bunless burger?" She said, "Huh?" I repeated, "A FORK please?" She said, "I heard you," and handed me a fork. (Well gee, I guess I thought "Huh?" indicated, well, "huh.")

We got home, where I discovered that apparently "no mayo" means no mayo, no ketchup, no mustard, no onion, no pickle, no lettuce, and no tomato. We were not amused.


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