Tuesday, January 10

Can I shoot telemarketers for sport?

Today, the phone rang. Caller ID informed me it was a particular telemarketer soliciting funds for some fundraiser.

The first time they called, they asked for Miss Campbell. When I informed the caller he had the wrong number, he told me it was a general call soliciting donations. I let him talk for about 15 seconds, politely interrupted, and informed him I was not able to contribute.

The second time, I told them no, and please remove my number from the list.

Third through fifth times, I was more irate, said "REMOVE ME FROM THE LIST" and hung up.

Today, someone once again asked for Miss Campbell. I informed him there was no Miss Campbell here, and for the SIXTH time, remove my name from the list!

"You just said you're not Miss Campbell, so your name's not ON my list," he retorted.

OOOOOH. I hate telemarketers. I hate cheeky ones even more.

"Then take my NUMBER or whatever-the-hell-you-have off the $*%&! list," I snapped.

He was still talking when I hung up the phone. Days like this I really wish I had a "regular" phone. Clicking "off" on a cordless doesn't carry with it the satisfaction that slamming the receiver down does!

I'll let you know next time they call.


At 6:55 AM, Blogger Annie said...

Is on the verizon line or the vonage? Vonage is a pain for a number of reasons (as you wrote about before), but one thing I haven't gotten on it is random solicitations -- though of course, it's probably only time until they figure out those prefixes and start with the auto-dialers...

BellSouth sucks, so no land line here.

At 10:20 AM, Blogger Meg, Customer Disservice Lightning Rod said...

Verizon! We canceled Vonage. Oh, wait . . . that should probably be another blog entry. Since they're STILL CHARGING US . . .


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