Thursday, December 1

Verizon Part II

The repairman showed up awhile back. A day early. He was kind of weird, too. By the time he asked if I had an alarm system in my apartment (???) I called my sister and put on a big show about having company coming over VERY SOON. Just in case he had a hatchet in his bag of tricks. (My sister lives 2700 miles away, but HE didn't know that.)

Once the line was repaired (at no charge! Imagine) he called his boss, in my presence, to say the line was fixed and to credit us, because the problem was on THEIR end.

3 days ago I got a bill for $160+, most of which was marked "past due." Then came the nasty phone message threatening to cut off our service if we didn't pay. 'Cause of course they didn't credit us.

When I called to rant, however, Mrs. Lind kindly noted that we HAD been credited . . . $1.92. (Don't EVEN ask.)

Supposedly it's taken care of now. I'll probably update when the phone line explodes or similar.


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