Tuesday, March 7

Going Postal

Last week I rented a post office box to be used in conjunction with my website. I requested and paid for a small box.

On Saturday, my husband took a message from me while I was in the shower. Apparently the P.O. employee had mistakenly assigned me to a medium-sized box. According to my husband, they were offering me the choice of keeping the medium box for the original small box price (until renewal time) or of changing boxes now. I was to call Wayne.

Today I called Wayne. When I explained who I was, he said, "Oh, we took care of that already." I said, "What do you mean? I'm speaking to you for the first time."

He said, "We already took care of that on Saturday. I spoke with somebody."

I said, "You spoke with my husband, who took a message. I'm returning your call. My husband is not the owner of the box; how could you take care of anything through him?"

"Well, we already changed your box number."

"My husband was told I would have the option of keeping the box."

"I already switched it."

Sigh. Fine. That's what I wanted to do anyway, rather than change my address in 6 months anyway. But it annoyed me that I would be given options and then have them taken away; also that the decision would be made behind my back, so to speak.

"No charge on the key swap," he told me.

Oh, gee, how magnanimous of you.