Wednesday, May 4

FedEx: When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There... Sometime In the Distant Future

Here, I shall simply reproduce the letter of complaint I wrote to FedEx. I never received a reply.

I would like to express my frustration and disappointment with FedEx. The online tracking function has been nearly useless.

My package was scanned exactly three times: once, on April 19 to confirm that FedEx had received the package, again on the morning of the 20th stating that the package was at the sorting/shipping facility . . . and then not again until after I had already missed the attempted home delivery on the 24th.

My confirmation e-mail from [company] stated that my package would be shipped via "FedEx Ground." Because the package was not adequately scanned for tracking purposes, I had no idea where it was or when it might arrive. Knowing that FedEx does not deliver on Saturday, I was away and left no signature or instructions.

When I returned home I found that "FedEx Home Delivery," NOT "FedEx Ground," had attempted to deliver the package, and that because they do not deliver on Mondays, I would have to wait until Tuesday. This several-day delay is very troubling to me. The package is extremely important to my work. I even called the 800# to ask if I could pick up the package myself at the warehouse, but was informed that the independent contractors who perform the "FedEx Home Delivery" do not return the packages to the warehouse between delivery attempts.

So, between FedEx's inept (practically nonexistent) tracking service and the incorrect information provided regarding FedEx Ground vs. FedEx Home Delivery, I am extremely unhappy. I will not be voluntarily using FedEx in the future.


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