Thursday, March 31

Irate Receptionist

2.5 weeks ago I saw the doctor for some problems that turned out to be related to very low estrogen. She prescribed some medicine, but told me to hold off on using it until some test results came back in "about 2 weeks." I also had a question about a possible change in dosing related to some breastfeeding issues. (Is this vague enough? ;)

Well, Monday was 2 weeks, so I called. The receptionist took my name and number and told me the doctor would call me back. Uh-huh.

Wednesday I called. Again, she took my name and number. She also admitted she couldn't find my chart. I called back at 4:45 hoping to catch them before they ignored me again, but alas, they closed at 4:30 and I had to miss another day.

This morning, Thursday. She took my name, then put me on hold. After 10 minutes, I was disconnected. I called back, and she took my name again. After another 10 minutes on hold, the receptionist picked up and said, "Camilla?" "Uh, no," I replied, and before I knew it I was back on hold. 10 MORE minutes. Then she picked up AGAIN and asked for my name AGAIN. This time I snapped, "MEGAN CLARKE."

"Okay MEGAN," she snapped back, "ONE MINUTE." And guess what she did . . . go ahead . . . guess. Yup . . .

Finally she picked up the phone and informed me the test results were negative. That was expected, and the go-ahead to use my prescription. However, I still had this question about dosage/usage. She told me she would have to . . . TAKE MY NAME AND HAVE THE DOCTOR CALL ME BACK. I told her to please pardon my skepticism. I asked if I could perhaps speak with my ob/gyn's partner instead. Nope, she wasn't in the office either. Were there any doctors there, I asked? No, she replied.

"How can a doctor's office be open without any doctors there?" I wanted to know.

"See, how it works is, they deliver BABIES, so they have to go to the HOSPITAL," she retorted.

I conceded defeat and hung up. Now . . . let's place bets. Will the doctor actually call me back?


At 1:02 PM, Anonymous dusalaire said...

Good to see that more people care about customer service. But sad to see it is neglected by the companies who are supposed to give it.
I always thought that customer service was better in the USA but maybe not.


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